Saturday, 8 September 2007

The 80s Forum Star of Today is the fantastic "Willo the Wisp"

Mostly remembered of course for the fact the the late, great Kenneth Williams was the voice behind all the characters in this animated classic.
Do you remember them-
Willo the Wisp, the narrator. A blue floating ghost-like creature, Willo had a long pointed nose which caricatured that of Williams. Arthur the caterpillar (as a gruff cockney). Mavis Cruet, a plump fairy with erratic magical powers. Evil Edna, a witch in the form of a walking, talking television set who could zap people with her aerial. Carwash, a snooty bespectacled cat (as Noel Coward). The Moog, a brainless dog. Twit, a small bird. The Beast, who began life as a dim prince before an unfortunate encounter with Edna ended up with his transformation into a hairy shambling creature.
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